Executive with over 20 years’ experience in sales and digital marketing in Silicon Valley.

My cartoons represent quirky experiences from living in Silicon Valley for 20 years, working in sales roles from startups to large public companies, and riding the waves of new technologies (e.g. mobile, AI, blockchain).

  • CEO/founder or head of sales for 4 startups, which resulted in 3x M&A and 1x IPO
  • Venture investor in 8 companies, which resulted in 4x acquisitions and 6x return
  • Industry experience in FinTech, Marketing Tech, Cyber Security and Telecoms
  • Early career in investment banking, strategy consulting and journalism

How we go about creating cartoons

Step 1

Observe and experience life in Silicon Valley

Step 2

Create cartoons that captures a trend

Step 3

Place cartoon in context to help provide broader understanding

Why we create cartoons

Current learning approaches do not engage today’s audience.


Average click through rate on newsletters, White Papers or Reports


New information forgotten within 24 hours of receiving it

To address this, we use humor to increase engagement and memory recall.

The science behind humor: Neuroscience research reveals that humor systematically activates the brain’s dopamine reward system, and cognitive studies show that dopamine is important for both goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory, while educational research indicates that correctly-used humor can be an effective intervention to improve retention.