The fears of crypto-currencies by government agencies and scare stories by commentators often miss the nascent stage of the industry. By way of example, the total crypto market is $300Bn (or 3% of the Nasdaq), and there are only 40MM crypto wallet accounts worldwide (or 0.5% of the total world population that has a bank account). #bitcoin #blockchain #financialservice



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Roger Ogilvy Vacher
It’s much more than fear though. It’s the realisation that a. the game of fiat currency is over if there is wide scale adoption b. Global elites must have space to be in first to game it as reflection of the current order of things. This has been made amply clear by Establishment reaction to pseudo crypto Libra which, with 1 billion users plus, could theoretically destabilise, accelerate and finally end the exorbitant privilege enjoyed by USD reserve currency hegemony (if not directly controlled by Uncle Sam) to a timeline not currently foreseen. The point is ... they don’t fear the technology ... it’s much bigger than this