“CES 2022”- a new cartoon that illustrates how this year will see robotics move from structured settings like factories to semi-structured environments. The last 60 years have seen physically highly capable robots (e.g. Boston Robotics’ dance), but we are now starting to see Artificial Intelligence applied to enable robots to see, learn, and react to make the right decision based on the current situation. According to Jay Jacob, head of research at Global X, “we’re actually forecasting growth in industrial robots from $16 billion to $37 billion over the next 10 years with 2022 being that key inflection point.” At the same time, we are seeing humans temporarily pull out of face-to-face events due to COVID restrictions. For example, the annual CES trade show has seen major exhibitors like Microsoft, Google, AMD and Intel have either canceled or modified their in-person plans. #CES2022, #robotics, #artificialintelligence