For the crypto industry, attracting the next 100MM consumers to start using tokens as a currency is going to require simpler access methods. The current process of exchanging from a fiat currency (e.g. dollars) to any crypto currency (e.g. Bitcoin), is a multi-step process, with lots of obstacles. #bitcoin #bitcoinjoke #cryptocurrency #cryptoblockchainhumor #consensus2019 #NYCBlockchainWeek



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Bjorn Lestrud, Certified Bitcoin Pro, Certified Coach
This is very true. Everyone keeps making new cryptocurrencies (stablecoins, utlility tokens, etc) but none of them are solving the underlying problem of a complete lack of fiat on-ramps. The fiat on-ramps which currently exist are not integrated well and are too expensive to move back and forth from fiat to crypto. The integration of acceptance of crypto at major retailers doesn\'t solve the underlying obstacles for people who make their money from outside the cryptosphere.

Tony Ramos
We, here at the Theodor project, are on it! We\'re the only blockchain company with equities offerings qualified by the S.E.C. We\'re out from under the regulators, and \'going commercial!\' Thanks, Ian.

Brendan Playford
This is a good visual - made me laugh this morning!

Umaru Lamin
Hey Ian I hear Spedn which is an app is supposed to make this happen.  They\'re working with Starbucks now on in-store purchases.

Jay Kurahashi-Sofue
This is great!

Jeffrey Premer
I don\'t see the regulatory hurdle or legal tender obstacle course anywhere!

Charles Taylor, CFA
fantastic art Ian, and accurate! 😄