Many of the founders of the new crypto ecosystem began their projects with promise that they would help create a better system of governance and ensure personal freedom. As the industry has evolved, new users have found their own reasons to get involved. Which face do you most associate with? #crypto #blockchain #bitcoin



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Roger Ogilvy Vacher
I think it misses something - perhaps implicit in the libertarian (?) ... that our existing FIAT system of currency is utterly bankrupt and will collapse eventually. I am no libertarian however. How about a box for the assuritarian?

Ian Foley
What are the characteristics of an assuritarian?

Roger Ogilvy Vacher
Ian Foley the assuritarian seeks assurance that the 10 dollar IOU in their pocket today can be traded for the same average basket of goods today as it can for that same average basket of goods in the foreseeable future? hashtag#soundmoney

Natalie D.
Great drawings 

Karmei Morin
Brilliant as always

Will McCormick
Ever Libertarian i’ve met is just someone with crypto money or inheritance that doesn’t wanna pay taxes lol

Mark M. Whelan FRSA
a libertarian is an anti-communitarian