Despite the promises that Bitcoin will be used for everyday consumer purchases, many businesses that were initially bullish have dropped accepting cryptocurrencies (e.g. Expedia). Instead, many are looking to blockchain to improve their own business systems (e.g. reducing credit card fees, managing loyalty programs), such as Starbuck’s partnership with Bakkt. #bitcoin, #blockchain, #bakkt



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James Welch
Ian, love this. What’s the link to your other ‘toons??

Ian Foley

Roger Ogilvy Vacher
I wonder if this is a retail / commercial split ? I see enterprising commercial entities accepting it on the rise here but flat or in decline in retail here in CH. Canton Zug tax office will accept tax payments with bitcoin ... that’s the sort of transaction I’d expect bitcoin to fare well in ...

Dan Donahue

Umaru Lamin
Wow I didn\'t know Expedia dropped Bitcoins as a mode of payment.  I was hoping for more enterprise adoption but blockchain seems like it\'s staying for good!