“Sales bonus criteria” – new cartoon on how sales execs view managers constantly adjusting the criteria for their performance bonus. www.iantoons.com #sales #salescompensation #salescareer



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Joe Vander Zanden
Did you draw this? Keep at it, this is rad. 👍 I\'d like to say that I knew the next Scott Adams.

Ian Foley
Thanks Joe Vander Zanden. Appreciate the encouragement.

Joseph Eid
Nice one Ian 👍 such a delicate balance, setting the right goals to motivate out of the comfort zone, but still whithin reach, so you enable the success and motivation of the team.

Ian Foley
Thanks, Joseph Eid. I think HBR did a good study on this back in 2015. https://hbr.org/2015/04/how-to-really-motivate-salespeople

Elizabeth Kukka, MBA
As usual, very perceptive 👏🏽

Ian Foley
Thanks, Elizabeth Kukka, MBA

Melissa Griffiths
That\'s some fancy schmancy art work right there. Love it!

Ian Foley
Thanks, Melissa Griffiths