“Son of Man”- a new cartoon that illustrates how 2021 saw the impact of the pandemic to have a permanent change to the workplace. Countless startups already operate remotely from their launch, and the pandemic has started to make remote working more commonplace, particularly in larger technology companies. Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, expects 50%-60% of employees to be working full-time remote from now until the foreseeable future. However, not all industries are following suit with many ending remote work options, and there are some doubts on the merits of this trend. According to a new research paper from the University of Chicago and the University of Essex, remote workers upped their hours by 30% during the last couple of years, yet did not increase productivity. Whichever approach companies may want to take, there is no doubt that with 20% of the workforce having changed company since March 2020, many of today’s employees consider remote work the new ‘normal.’ #RenéMagritte, #remotework, #marcbenioff