“The Hand of God” – a new cartoon that illustrates the relative advantage of Quantum Computing over traditional or classical computing. Using soccer as an analogy, traditional computing is like today’s game of soccer where players can only use their feet. Quantum computing is assuming players can use their feet and hands, which would make it faster or easier for the players to use their hands to hold, throw, or catch the ball. However, Quantum computing is not necessarily a replacement for traditional computing, it just excels at specific use cases (e.g. cybersecurity, drug development). In the soccer analogy, it is sometimes still better to kick the ball in a game. For example, most soccer players can kick the ball across the field faster than they can throw the ball or run with it. As a context to the cartoon, Diego Maradona was Argentina’s star soccer player that denied England a 1986 World Cup win by an infamous handball.
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