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Why you should use cartoons in your work?

Current learning approaches do not engage today’s audience.



Average click through rate on newsletters, whitepapers or reports.

New information forgotten within 24 hours of receiving it.

Science behind humor

To address this, we use humor to increase engagement and memory recall

The science behind humor.

Neuroscience research reveals that humor systematically activates the brain’s dopamine reward system, and cognitive studies show that dopamine is important for both goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory, while educational research indicates that correctly-used humor can be an effective intervention to improve retention.


How to use my cartoons?

My cartoons are copyrighted.

However, If you’d like to use them to support your article or enhance your work, you’re welcome to do so, but please ensure you credit them in your publication. If you’re interested in featuring my cartoons regularly on your website or in your monthly magazine, please reach out to me to discuss further details.